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    Project overview          

    The conference system engineering project design range includes 100 square meters below, about 200 square meters and about 400 square meters of advanced intelligent multimedia conference hall meeting system design. In this design, we mainly according to many years of construction experience, make a clear plan for the design of the conference hall. The meeting, audio, video, camera, video recording and remote conference system design for conference room, conference room implementation of multimedia conference function, to meet the simple and smooth meeting process, lifelike and vivid sound effects, clear and comfortable video display, intelligent camera tracking, complete meeting minutes, convenient remote conference request.          

    The whole system is divided into five parts with the display monitor, pickup and amplification, signal transmission and control video teleconference lighting, etc.. By the large screen display, LCD, audio, video surveillance video, multimedia audio and video signal source matrix switching and central integrated control, camera lighting lighting and control components. All the signal switching and distribution were carried out in the control room.          

    System characteristics          

    1, advanced nature           To ensure that the system can provide maximum service effect for meetings and training, technology and function of the system using the advanced and practical perfect products, first-class equipment, technically appropriate, reflect the development level of the multimedia technology, in line with the development trend in the future. In the future for a long period of time to maintain its leading position in technology.          

    2, mature and practical           The system should be advanced, have been used and proved to be mature and reliable products, and practical, give full play to the function of each kind of equipment; fully meet the requirements of visual management, convenient operation, simple maintenance, convenient management.          

    3, flexibility and openness           On the basis of meeting the current requirements of the owners, the system should be open and compatible, with interoperability and interoperability with future expansion of equipment.          

    4, integration and scalability           Considering the integration of the system design of the system, to ensure that the overall structure of the system is advanced, rationality, expansibility and compatibility, the use of different manufacturers, different types of advanced products, can make the whole system with the development of technology and progress, constantly enrich and improve.          

    5, standardization and modularization           Strictly in accordance with national and regional standards for system design and equipment configuration, and in accordance with the overall structure of the system requirements for structured and standardized, comprehensive embodiment of today's advanced technology.          

    6, safety and reliability           A deep understanding of the importance of multimedia conference system equipment and system is safe and reliable, directly affect the normal conduct of the meeting, so in the design, the first consideration is the reliability of the system, which requires control requires a stable and reliable system equipment, in the selection of equipment of the hardware and software needs and equipment compatibility. The embedded lines and connecting lines of the system need to adopt strong reliability and strong anti-interference ability.          

    7, economic rationality           Design and selection of equipment and systems to ensure that meet the needs of users, with advanced, feasible and practical technology, in which the lost of "bubble", and optimize the design function and economic unity.          

    8, beautiful comprehensive           Taking into account the environment for the site, and strive to elegant, natural harmony, does not undermine the overall environment of the site. According to the above comprehensive consideration system scheme design, engineering construction, equipment management, system maintenance, function expansion and technical service of the whole process, so as to achieve a more perfect design.          

    System connection diagram



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