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    Project overview          

    1, room: room all is roolls, serious absorption of high frequency, two channel layout will produce reverberation dry, sound atmosphere worse.          

    2, functional requirements: Party requirements are high-end club nature, there will be no pure HI function, but to ensure adequate dynamic, while the tone to delicate, clear.          

    3, regional style: in the North China region, guests like high-frequency transparent, surrounded by a strong sense of tone, the requirements of the reverberation to foot.          

    4, stability: long time high-power use, require speaker amplifier has sufficient power reserve and stability.          

    5, aesthetics: lifting the speaker needs and the overall style of the room coordination.          

    System characteristics          

    1, all use digital pre effect, to meet the multi-channel expansion and mixed reverberation requirements.           2, speaker design to have a sense of siege, so small room use paper treble guarantee diffusion angle and softness. In real space larger, treble cone transmission far enough, the use of horn tweeter to ensure clarity.          

    In 3, many large equipment, the use of power supply sequencer protection equipment, simplify the operation.          

    4, low frequency selection is not the bigger the better, but the pursuit of the balance and full frequency coordination.          

    5, in the room with electronic equalizer and digital processor, extended equipment debugging scope


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    Hey, Xiamen.

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