• M312
  • System characteristics:

    Complete coupling techniques for predictable coverage          
    Superior analytical power.          
    Save space, strong power          
    Complete, professional suspension system          
    Suitable for medium range applications          
    Wear resistant, two component exterior finish, providing ultra high scratch protection

  • Description
  • Application
  • Technical performance

    M312 targeted HI room and well-designed, after dozens of acoustic design testing and dedicated HI room test, and finally introduced in the third generation HI room speaker in the 2008. Using the wrong title diffusion constant directivity horn design, the box body is provided with a 10 inch reflector type low frequency drive and a 1 inch high frequency compression type drive, these advanced components and internal passive crossover network phase (two optional frequency effect) to ensure, in the transition between high frequency and low frequency unit unit has no joint. M312 is equipped with an intelligent protection circuit, when added to the compression on the drive signal for potential damage when the circuit can automatically and visibly signal attenuation, and high frequency driver free of accidental damage. Two treble effect can be selected in the wiring board, more designed for different HI room, to achieve the best coupling quality. M312 with the 35mm speaker base or with optional vertical bar to be fixed on the M series of bass speakers, so that small clubs in the hotel room gives a good vertical coverage. Can choose M12 fixed ring screw bolt mounting shoulder back, with the addition of a hanging point is also located in the M312 box, the vertical inclination of it can provide FCL body, so as to cover the required field.

    Do HI room and K room          
    Fixed installation          
    Club performance, listening

    The frequency response 55 Hz - 20 kHz          

    The driver 1X12 inch reflective unit 1X3 inch low-frequency reflection type high frequency unit          

    The speaker power 300 Watt AES (1000 Watt Peak Power)          

    The sensitivity of 1m\1w 97dB          

    The maximum sound pressure level 128dB          

    Rated impedance of 8 ohm          

    The frequency optional two treble way          

    High angle cover 50 degrees to 100 degrees by 55 degree vertical can be horn rotation, fixed position 4           

    The material 18MM high quality 11 layer plywood          

    The appearance of color wear black, two-component appearance finishing, high scratch protection          

    Net 1.2mm six angle, back acoustically transparent sponge          

    The input interface 2 Neutrik 4 core seat          

    The size (width X X) 350 mm x 335 mm x 505 mm          

    The weight of 20Kg          

    Install the system 12 M10 inner T- screw buckle          

    1 speakers at the bottom with the support base, can support mounting bracket          

    1 handles          

    Controlleroptions XTA, DBX, REAL SOUND can provide the required parameter settings           (40 weeks following the time needed to remove low-frequency components)          

    Material selection by the European environmental standards ROHS

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