• T-2600
  • System characteristics:

    Can choose stereo, parallel, bridging 3 ways          

    With direct protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection, input voltage limit protection, IC protection circuit, sensitive, quick to make the machine more secure          

    D4/D5/D6 uses four fan design (80x80mm), is the radiator system no matter work in Europe or 8 euro can effectively solve the temperature rise problem of 4          

    Carefully detected electronic components with advanced and reasonable circuit design to make sound more perfect          

    This series of products with low noise, small impact switch features          

    Bridge is output using L\R potentiometer simultaneous control          

    This series uses efficient toroidal transformer

  • Description
  • Application
  • Technical performance

    Continuous heavy load operation          

    Good square wave response and very low phase shift          

    High voltage withstand capability operating at 240 volts          

    High rigidity integral interconnected chassis          

    Temperature controlled double speed fan          

    "Soft start", delayed boot          

    Overheat, DC output, short circuit protection          

    Adaptive limiter closed-loop control          

    Independent rectifier filter current supply design

    Technical specifications rated power (RMS)          

    8 stereo 2 * 600W          

    4 stereo 2 * 930W          

    8 bridging 1860W          

    The sensitivity (1m/1W) 0.775V          

    The signal-to-noise ratio >95dBA          

    The frequency response (-0.5dB 20Hz-20kHz)          

    The total harmonic distortion <0.01%@1kHz 1/10 rated power          

    The conversion rate >50V/u          

    The damping coefficient of /1000Hz >500@8.          

    Input XLR/6.35mm          

    The input impedance of 20K (balance) /10k (unbalanced)          

    The output mode of 2 NL4 + four wire holder          

    The installed height 2U          

    Power supply specifications AC 130V-220V/50Hz-60Hz/400VA          

    Net weight (Taiwan) 19kg          

    G.W (Taiwan) 21kg          

    Box size (width W * H * D high) 435 * 400 * 89mm          

    Packing size (width W * H * D high) 475 * 440 * 129mm

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