Shenzhen city Zhunda Technology Co. Ltd. is a R & D, production, sales, engineering and service in one of the high-end professional audio enterprises!          

Longgang District Henggang street, Shenzhen City, located in the forefront of reform and opening up the convenient transportation, the environment elegant; the company owns the industry's top R & D team and modern large-scale production base, with sophisticated research and development, testing, testing capabilities, the company has a professional electro acoustic research and development technical team, fully computerized scientific management, the design of computerized. Production mechanization, CNC machine (computer processing center), continuous introduction of advanced production line equipment such as painting, three-dimensional advanced warehouse, quality inspection and multiple, each of the components are tested, each process are strictly controlled, after many years of production experience, has formed a set of mature production system. Technical equipment and perfect after-sales service system. The company mainly produces SEAPRO (Senbao) professional loudspeaker equipment, the SEAPRO (Senbao) professional audio equipment mainly professional audio and power amplifier, the formation of a certain scale of product promotion agents in a short period of time, products and exported to many countries and regions. SEAPRO (SEN Bao) in the world by many customers of all ages, has been "exploration, practice, innovation" as the idea, high requirements, high standards. To establish a wide range of business relationships with customers, and continuously to the vast number of partners to provide the latest technology, new product introduction and service. The use of Europe's top manufacturers of custom units and world-renowned brands of electronic components to ensure product consistency and high-end quality, strict control quality, to create the industry's top level professional audio products.          

The company's brand SEAPRO (Sen Bao) with high-end positioning, pay attention to every detail, both the product quality and service quality, we will strive to do the best, will China professional audio products and services to a higher peak!          

SEAPRO (Senbao) brand products to the market as the guidance, take the customer demand as the center, in the market, customer and product realization competition completely different; in every link of the market operation, and strive to improve customer experience and satisfaction, to achieve free full service, reflect SEAPRO (Senbao brand value).          

Companies with their own strong elite industry, has always been adhering to the "quality of the details of that attitude, never compromise" concept, firmly believe that "quality is the life of enterprise, quality service is the survival of the enterprise", with practical action to prove and return customers and users, customers enjoy the highest standard of products and services to the most reasonable price!

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